The Best Poker Hands You Can Have

When playing poker, the poker-hand rankings classify the strength of different hands you can play. Understanding the best poker hands comes in handy in important game-decision making. The poker hand ranking system classifies the relative strength of various poker hands. This way, players are able to determine the best hand. Knowing the best poker hand is essential to making huge winnings.

Poker hand ranking is popular in poker games like the Texas Holden. Below, we guide you on the best poker hand rankings.

Poker-hand ranking from the strongest to the weakest

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush sits at the top as the best poker hand possible. It is a combination of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit from value 10 to ace.

Straight flush

These are five cards of sequential values in the same suit. It can be 4, 5, 6, 7 & 5 diamonds or flowers. The straight flush can only be beaten by a royal flush or another set of higher ranking cards in the straight flush.

Four of a kind

This is a set of the same cards in four suits. The set is then completed by the highest card among others on the table in your hands.

Full House

This is a poker hand that comprises three cards of the same value and a separate pair in two different suits. When there are more players with a full house, the winning hand is one with the highest value of the three cards.


These are five cards of the same suit in whatsoever order. When we have more than two players with a flush, the hand with the highest valued card is the winning poker hand. These are the five leading poker hands. Others that follow include the straight, three of a kind, two pairs, pair, and a high card which is the weakest.

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